2 Bills That Would Make Opting Out of Vaccinations Easier

A process Representative Tom Hooker (R – Byron Center) called overkill.

“I can’t believe that any parent that has gone to a doctor has not heard all the things from the doctors that are risks,” he said.

That’s why he’s introduced two new bills in the house. One would get rid of the meeting and the other would make sure kids who aren’t vaccines can’t be told to stay home if there’s the threat of an outbreak in the classroom.

“To select kids that haven’t been immunized, kick them out of school, but not those that are as likely or more likely to be a contracting that illness because you have one or two cases, that’s really discriminatory,” Rep. Hooker said.

But, the Department of Health and Human Services stands by the importance of vaccines and told News Ten the number of waivers has decreased as a result of the education.

Spokesperson, Angela Minicuci, explained, “Oftentimes it was just a matter of a parent couldn’t get their child in to get their vaccination in time for the school year to start. So, this rule really helped them along the way of talking to a medical provider and even then getting the vaccinations with their local health department.”

The two bills are currently in the House’s Health Policy Committee.

Representative Hooker expects a hearing on them in the new year.

cdc immunization schedule
cdc immunization schedule
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