2 Slims Arguing Because 1 of Them Done Gave That “Thang” Away

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One thought on “2 Slims Arguing Because 1 of Them Done Gave That “Thang” Away

  • December 19, 2017 at 3:59 am

    Hey Willie,how are you.Are you feeling alright tonight?I hope that your day went well.My day was alright.I’m just sitting here,thinking of you Willie.You know that I have a vivid imagination,right?I’m gonna make this short as possible.I had a fantasy that I was in a spa.I was getting the royal treatment.I started out with my hair being washed .After that ,came the avocado mask on my face.After that came the best part.Massage time.You gave me my massage.Let’s say that your hands are a magic.You’ve got beautiful hands and you know what to do with them.Total package.From head to toe,you gave it your all in all.All of the weight from the outside world has left my body.You’ve got the magic touch!Please ,don’t stop.It felt so good.You had me on cloud #9.For real!I want to you to come to cloud#9 with me someday.Well ,I gotta say goodnight my beautiful dreamlover,my big daddy.I love you.Hugs and kisses.Love Kaamilya Moore

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