One thought on “A Woman Asked A (Passa) Pastor A Question

  • December 21, 2017 at 3:19 am

    Hey love! How are you doing this evening?Fine I hope.I am loving your energy tonight.I watched the video and I damn near fell on the floor.OMG Willie!Yes!Preach it baby!I freakin’love it!God I love you!Keep ‘um comin’.I like that! I had a good workout this morning,thanks to you.I did some kickboxing and some hardcore interval training today.I was thinking about you being right by my side the whole time that I was working out.Tomorrow,I’m hitting the weights.I gotta get my strength training in.After that,wash my hair.There is something that I am a little bit afraid to ask,but here it goes anyway.Can I write to you sometime?I have been thinking about it for quiet sometime now.Actually,about a month and a half.I just didn’t have the cheek to ask you then.But now that I have broken out of my shy shell,I’m comfortable asking.Willie,just seeing your smile has made my night.Oh ,by the way,there is something else that I forgot to mention.Check out Bishop BullWinkle”Hell to the naw,naw,naw.”I don’t know for sure if he is a real bishop or not,but his song speaks the truth.This song will have you rollin’.It’s comical ,but serious at the same time.It’s another warm night right here on Johns Island.I want you here spending the night with me.I would really enjoy your company.You are so entertaining.Whenever I first saw you on youtube,I have to admit,I was intrigued by what I saw and what I heard.I was like, wow!I gotta see more of him.So here I am,still watching you,eversince mid June.And I haven’t stopped .And I’m not going to.I just want you to know that there is a woman living on Johns Island,S.C. who will love you and will always have your back.I got you baby.I got you.Well,i guess I will be turning in now.I love you my sweetness.Take care of yourself honey.Sweet dreams my beautiful dreamlover!Hugs and kisses.Love Kaamilya

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