Are Cops Killing Black Men on Purpose? TheWWShoW

Are Cops Killing Black Men on Purpose? TheWWShoW

In an interview published Thursday, Rodney Scott told the New York Daily News that the horrific video showed Michael Slager “was using my brother for target practice.


” That’s what it certainly looked like in the video as Slager, fired from the North Charleston police force and charged with murder, pops off eight rounds at Scott’s back. Also on Thursday, I received a series of direct messages on Twitter from a law enforcement source that echoed Scott’s and my perception. “Notice in video, Cop stands in ‘Weaver Stance’ when shooting Victim,” the source pointed out. “This is a competitive shooting position. Shows further lack of fear or [e]motion while taking the life of Mr [Walter] Scott.” The source added, “TARGET PRACTICE, STAND NOT INSTINCT SHOOTING.”

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