Auntie Outside Messing With “Arthur” and Gets Corrected…(Happy Turkey Day)

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2 thoughts on “Auntie Outside Messing With “Arthur” and Gets Corrected…(Happy Turkey Day)

  • November 24, 2017 at 3:26 am

    Hey baby! How are you this thanksgiving holiday?I hope all is well with you.As for me,it was kinda fly.I went to Dillon,S.C. to see my little brother and my nephew.I had to sing for some people today.My cousin got me singing face book live,and I didn’t know that I was being recorded.I was singing Lauryn Hill’s song ”The ex-factor”. Surprisingly, I had a lot of request to deliver,but it was time for me to get on back to John’s Island S.C. I really enjoyed everything today. I enjoyed my thoughts of you as well.Last night, I sent you a telepathic message.It was around ten-thirty. I’m still waiting and anticipating our first meeting when we can connect physically as well as mentally.Well,I’m going to bed now.Sweet dreams my dreamlover,my big daddy, my youtube crush.I love you sweetie!!

  • November 25, 2017 at 4:05 am

    Hi Willie! How are you sweet cheeks? I sure hope all is well with you.I wish that I was with you right now. I would be messaging your beautiful body from head to toe.I would be making you feel like you are on cloud #9!!!Yes I would.I’m really good with my hands as well as my voice. I can hardly wait for the day when I can finally meet you for the first time.I will immediately mesmerize you with my vocal seduction. I promise you,you will enjoy it!!!!Do you know what would give me great pleasure to see? Your beautiful smile! The thought of me holding you close to me until I can feel your heartbeat next to mine sends me into over drive!!I am longing for you Willie.You got a hold in me that I cannot get out of. That is a fact.I gotta see you.I don’t know when,but I gotta see you.Well, I gotta say goodnight. I love you my decudant,delectable,sweet,delicous,tasty chocolate cake! Sweet dreams and hot and spicy thoughts.Kisses!!!

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