Bishop Eddie Long Reveals He Considered Suicide

Although Long did not specifically say what circumstances led to his contemplating suicide, it was likely tied up in the 2010 sexual allegations against Long’s “spiritual sons.”

He referenced a time when he “was being condemned from the four corners of the earth, I had a moment when I wanted to kill myself and was ready.”

However, he said that the love from his congregation helped to save him.

“What kept me was not a scripture. What kept me was that every time I showed up here, you were here,” said Long.

He thanked those who stood beside him and blasted those who use social media to “kill one another.”

“And you didn’t judge me. There are folk here who know what I mean, that you’re alive because somebody loved you. They didn’t give you a sermon, they didn’t question you, they didn’t call you before a council,” he said.

“We have no right or justification to kill one another on social media, especially when you don’t know. And if we’re going to be saints, if we’re really going to move into the things God has, let’s love one another.”

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