House Votes To Ban States From Labeling GMO Foods, GMO’S are Safe

House Votes To Ban States From Labeling GMO Foods, GMO’S are Safe

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Instead, the House passed a bill called the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act that would set up a voluntary program for companies that want to disclose genetically modified ingredients. Firms that want to claim their food is GMO-free would have to submit to a certification process overseen by the Department of Agriculture.

But the measure would ban states such as Vermont, Maine and Connecticut, which have passed GMO-labeling laws, from putting them into practice. It would also allow the Food and Drug Administration to define the label “natural” to include genetically engineered material.

Supporters of the bill said it was a matter of keep the rules simple across the country and not unnecessarily frightening consumers.

“The fact is, the scientific consensus on the safety of genetically engineered products is utterly overwhelming. Precisely zero pieces of credible evidence have been presented that foods produced with biotechnology pose any risk to our health and safety,” said Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), the bill’s sponsor.

“Given this fact, it is not the place of government, government at any level, to arbitrarily step in and mandate that one plant product should be labeled based solely on how it was bred, while another identical product is free of government warning labels because the producer chose a different breeding technology,” he said.
A substantial portion of House Democrats agreed with Pompeo, and the measure passed 275 to 150.



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