Master P Wants Payments of $27K Per Month to Ex-Wife Reduced

Some people would say she is getting what she deserves. But i think this is B S, Men need to start realizing Marriage does not benefit Men.

As long as the courts are in favor of destroying a Man by taking what ( He ) has bust his ass for we have to go on strike. Oh you can disagree with what I’m saying but while you are doing that, Men are still losing.

Music mogul Master P is asking for a reduction in the divorce payments he makes to his ex-wife.

Sonya Miller currently gets 10K in child support and an additional 16K in spousal support. Master P is reportedly also concerned for the welfare of his children, claiming that Sonya doesn’t work and spends all day smoking pot with their 19-year-old daughter, who is also unemployed.

This is the latest in a messy divorce that even involved their famous son Romeo, who Sonya once sued claiming he helped his father hide his assets. Sonya received her current settlement based on her claims that she helped P build his $200 million empire. But Master P told the judge that he doesn’t have it like that anymore: “This is not the 90s.”

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