Mayor Rahm Emanuel to Raise Age to 21 for Tobacco in Chicago

We all know at the age of 18 we are considered adults, but for some reason that doesn’t seem true at all. There’s many things you can do as a 18 year old adult like fight for your county, get in credit card debt, drive a motor vehicle, you know things that can kill you.

But for some reason people want to control the 18 year old adult, they want to protect them from themselves….Hilarious

They want them to wait 3 more years before they start “F” ing up their lives. We as Americans know TOBACCO kills, but it’s still LEGAL.  WHY?

But in CHI RAQ here’s what the Mayor is trying to do. Would this be good or Bad does it solve the problem?

Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday plans to propose raising the minimum age for buying tobacco products in Chicago to 21 from 18, his office said late Tuesday.

The state of Hawaii and cities including New York and Cleveland have made similar moves in recent years, with Cleveland passing its ordinance in December. Locally, Evanston passed an ordinance making 21 the minimum age for buying tobacco within the suburb in 2014.

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