Stomachs & Bonnets, Somebody Come “Watch” This

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4 thoughts on “Stomachs & Bonnets, Somebody Come “Watch” This

  • December 16, 2017 at 3:54 am

    Take me Willie.Take me.

  • December 19, 2017 at 4:22 am

    My body is calling for you.Take me into your wonderland Willie.I wanna feel every fiber of your being with mine.I want you to give yourself to me as I give myself to you.I give into you as you give into me.Please me and I will please you.Delight me as I will delight you.Satisfy me and I will satisfy you.I hope that very soon ,you will know what I sound like and what I look like.I am eager to let you hear my vocal skills!As I was told,my voice is a turn on.After hearing me,you will be saying the same thing!I love you my big daddy.Love Kaamilya.

  • December 21, 2017 at 3:26 am

    Take a walk with me into my wonderland tonight.One trip with me and you will never want to leave!

  • December 23, 2017 at 2:31 am

    Hey baby.How are you on this beautiful Friday night?I sure hope that all is well with you.I am enjoying this Friday night with my thoughts of you.I think that I will finish that fantasy that I mentioned earlier on in the week.It was about our first meeting.Ok,part two,and the last part,I promise.I’ll try not to be long winded with this one.I’ll try!!Anyway,it goes like this.After our time spent on the beach,you walked me back to my car.You said that you would pick me up at seven.I said that I would be waiting.So I got in my car and I drove back to the hotel where I was staying.I took off my sandals,my dress, my bra and my panties,and I took a shower.I used my favorite shea butter soap.After I bathed ,I got dressed,and chilled out for a little while.I took a long nap.It was much needed with the 10 hour ride I had .Much needed!I slept all the way into 6:00pm.That gave me enough time to get ready for my date with you.I had on some blue denim shorts that was fitting my bottom the right way,and a nice,cool black tank top.Hell,it was in the evening time.89 degrees to be exact!I had to dress cool.I put my sandals back on.In stead of wearing my hair down this time,I wore a side bun.It was a nice and elegant looking bun.Then I heard a knock at my door.And there you were looking all tall,dark ,and,um,um!!!!!Looking good as you wanna look!!!Your hair was on fleek.Your dress attire was really nice.Blue jeans and a cool Floridian shirt and sandals.You looked really nice.You walked in the door and asked if I was ready to go.And I said yes,I’m ready.I asked where are we going tonight.You said that it was a surprise.I said ok.So you took me to this fabulous seafood restaurant .We both came in and we were waiting to be seated.So the hostess gave us our menus and walked us to our table.I looked at the menu.There was so much to choose from.For starters,we both ordered the fried conk for the appetizer.Then we shared a seafood boil for the main course.For dessert,Chocolate mud cake!!I was stuffed!I couldn’t eat another bite after that!So we ate our fill,and just as we headed out the door,the hostess said to us,”have a goodnight”.And I said oh,we will!So after we wined and dined,we took a long walk.We talked a long time.2 hours to be exact.I told you about my dreams and ambitions and you told me yours.And I mentioned that I have a certain ambition that I would like to accomplish tonight if I may.But in order to do that,I will need your assistance.You asked me what was kind of an ambition is it.I said,come into my room and you will find out.So you did.You spent the rest of the night with me.It was fun and it was everything that I imagined it would be.The love ambition was in the wait,but not any longer.We made beautiful music that night.The people from downstairs know your name!!!!!They should know because I screamed it so many times.Well ,that was another long one.I tried to keep it short.Goodnight my knight in shining armor,my sweetness,my sweet inspiration,my big daddy,my midnight love.I love you baby.Sweet dreams my dreamlover!!Hugs and kisses .Love Kaamilya.

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