Things Always Happen on “Public” Transportation

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One thought on “Things Always Happen on “Public” Transportation

  • November 27, 2017 at 3:07 am

    Hello sweetness. How are you on this beautiful Sunday night? I hope it was good for you.I had a pretty awesome day.I don’t know if I told you this ,but I recently found out that I was posted on facebook. One of the deacons at my church recorded me singing! I was like,Wow! Really?Whenever you get a chance, go to Micheal Breedlove facebook page.I can’t log in ,because I don’t have a facebook account.A friend of mine told me. That is how I found out about it.I thought about you whenever I sung the song.I really don’t mind if they have their phones out recording.Just as long as my vocals are on point. Speaking on the vocals,are you alright with your cough? I watched your videos yesterday and you were having a time.If I were there with you,I would have fixed some herbal tea for you and a bowl of my homemade soup that would warm your soul.I would make you feel so much better. A message that would relax you and my soothing voice.A soft and gentle touch,and a sweet love ballad from me to you.One more thing. Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of what you are accomplishing in life.Big word!! And another thing,do this for me. Just breathe.Breathe.Let all of the unneccesary tension go.Come away with me in my thought process during telepathy. I usually do it around 10;30, sometimes 11:00pm.I don’t have a photo of you ,but I have a mental picture in my mind of you.I concentrate really hard. I breathe deeply. I rub my hands together until I feel heat.Then I pull them away,and then I bring them together until I feel a little resistance.I leave a small space between my hands.I call out your name.Then I ask can I come into your thought process. You usually answer yes.I give you my mental message to you and I send out out to you by rubbing my hands briefly and I stretch out my hands if I were throwing something.Sounds weird,huh? I hope you get a chance to try it with me. It’s freaking awesome man!!! Well,I’m saying goodnight.Sweet dreams my dreamlover.Love you. Shout this out if ever tried telepathy before.Love you baby!

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