Two Florida bills that would Allow Gun owners to carry in Airport Terminals

Some lawmakers may think this is a good idea, two Bills has been filled that would allow people with concealed weapons license to carry a firearm in airport terminals.

SB1500 and HB 4051 bills that are identical was filled by Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, and Rep. Jake Raburn, R-Lithia, you know the people we put in office will be considering legislative session this week.

Concealed weapons holders are barred from carrying weapons in the airport terminals under the current law. The New bills would change that so gun carries could carry in the terminals.

This would put more strain on the TSA agents we have in place now, if we are already worried about attacks why would we deliberately pass a bill that would make it easier for that to happen.

The Airports would actually need to hire more staff to handle the overload and just to check if concealed weapon holders are legit. Maybe its just me but this is a tragedy waiting to happen.

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