Welcome to 2016 TheWWShoW 1-3-2016


Welcome to 2016 TheWWShoW
Welcome to 2016 TheWWShoW

“I have to say Kathy… I have to say… nice rack,” Lemon said to Griffin. “I didn’t know you had all of that.”

At another point in the show, Lemon paid homage to a viral Vine clip while having a glas of champagne, pausing to proclaim, “I got dat bubbly,” much to the bewilderment of his co-anchor, Brooke Baldwin:



Welcome to 2016 TheWWShoW
Welcome to 2016 TheWWShoW

WNBA stars Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner may have ended their marriage after just a couple of weeks, but they still appear to have two kids keeping them in each other’s lives. Johnson was pregnant at the time of the split, and last fall Johnson gave birth to twin baby girls that she claims are Brittney’s. The former WNBA player even made a bid for spousal and child support, which she lost, in an attempt to get her ex to claim the girls.

Not so fast, says Griner. The athlete says she’s happy to support the kids if Johnson can prove they’re hers. That means playing a game of Follow the Sperm. When Johnson and Griner decided to try for kids, TMZ reports, they did so with the help of a fertility clinic and donor sperm. Now, Griner says she suspects Johnson’s kids are fathered by her ex-boyfriend, and not an anonymous donor. So she’s asking for a DNA test to prove paternity.


Welcome to 2016 TheWWShoW
Welcome to 2016 TheWWShoW

“My position is this: When you have these police officers coming from other jurisdictions and they will not respect human life, then I said we should use rocks, bricks or bottles to try to get the message over: stop endangering our children,” Stokes said.

Those commenting on social media have blasted Stokes for his statement. One person suggested Stokes should be arrested for inciting violence against police.

Another wrote: “Just thinking this cannot be true. Can it be possible that a sworn in official of a city would even think this much less make a statement of this nature. outrageous!”

Read More: http://www.11alive.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/01/02/miss-councilman-suggests-throwing-rocks-police/78200430/


Welcome to 2016 TheWWShoW
Welcome to 2016 TheWWShoW

George Lucas has apologized for criticizing Disney’s handling of “Star Wars” and saying he had sold his characters to “white slavers” in a recent interview with Charlie Rose.

In a statement issued Thursday, Lucas says he misspoke and used a “very inappropriate analogy.” It was not clear what the “Star Wars” creator meant by the “white slavers” comment, and Rose did not ask a follow-up question on his PBS show that aired Dec. 24. The charged words nonetheless sparked ire when the interview was posted online Wednesday.


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