When That Meat Spoiled & It’s Itching

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One thought on “When That Meat Spoiled & It’s Itching

  • December 24, 2017 at 3:40 am

    Hi Willie.It’s me again .I’m waiting for you to go live.I’m ready to talk to you.I sure hope that you are ready to talk to me.I watched the video.Hilarious!I thought that he was gonna take his pants off and relieve his itch!Wow!Man oh man!He should have headed straight to the emergency room.Besides the point,I just want to say that I’m glad that I found you on youtube.I’m staying up late when I know I should be in bed.Whenever I’m thinking about you,it’s hard for me to sleep right away.All that I ever think about is you and me,and what the both of us could be doing if we were in each others presence.You say that you like discussing things that are taboo?So do I.There was a time when I was too shy to talk about things concerning sex.I think about us all the time.All the things I thought about,it has to be felt.I know that this is taboo what I’m typing up right now,but this is how I am feeling right now.If I don’t tell you,I will explode.Willie,I want you.I want you now more than ever.The thought of you doing those things to me makes me want to touch myself.I’ve been a very naug hty girl.Nasty,freaky,and horny.I’m all three right now.I want your hands all over me.I want your beautiful long fingers inside of me.I want to feel you inside of me right now.I hope this not too taboo for you.You say you like taboo,so I’m giving you taboo.You wanna know something else.I give reall y good head.Deep throat is not a problem.I like getting spanked,my arms tied to the bed post.Most of the time,I’m into the hardcore stuff,and sometimes ,I like to be loved tenderly.Willie, you really exicite me .One of these days,I want to show you how much you exicite me,How much you ignite my fire.I gotta have you.You might not post this ,but I could not keep this bottled up inside.I’m in need of a good hard pounding from you right now.I wanna be your lover Willie.Think about what I typed up so far.I gave you brief descriptions of what I look like.try to imagine what I look like,and what I typed up so far.These are my most deep intimate,sexually eplicit thoughts and feelings.I’m glad that I can share them with you.Yes I am nasty like that.Only when I need to be.Tonight ,I’m living in a fantasy in my own little nasty world.Tonight,don’t you want to come with me?Do you think I’m a nasty girl.Well,I’m going for now.I’m about to check and see if you are live right now.

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