When You & Yo Partner Get “Knocked Out” in Front of The World

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One thought on “When You & Yo Partner Get “Knocked Out” in Front of The World

  • November 20, 2017 at 4:08 am

    Hi Willie.Hello my youtube crush.I’m back again. I’m just sitting here thinking about you.You’re always on my mind,day and night.I fantasize about you often.I’m still thinking about our first meeting.I hope that I will be coming to Florida in ayear or this coming summer.If things plan out the way that I want them to,it may this summer.Who knows? We have alot to talk about.I hope you liked my poem I written you last night.Did I ever mention to you that I had two dreams about you this month?Well,well,well! the dreams were lucid, very vivid in detail.The second dream I had about you felt so real.I was in aww when I woke up. What I remember most in my dream is that we were heavily connected with each other. Spiritually,emotionally,and of course physically.We were sitting at a piano side by side. Neither one of us w ere playing it.We were just into each other so much.that we did not care who or what was going on around us.We were totally in sync.Then I proceded to get up ,and I did.After I got up,I sat on your lap.We just held each other.You was reassuring me about something.Then I smiled.i put my warm cheek on your forehead.You were holding me,and I was holding you.That is what I most remember about the second dream. Now,the first dream was a little to graphic.Rated x hint hint!!!! I would rather tell you about that one in person whenever we are alone.I will tell you every hot,steamy,and nature rising detail.I don’t think that I told you this before or not,but back in my highs school years,guys would call me on the phone just to here the sound of my voice.Some admitted to me that whenever I sang to them from the love song category,their nature would rise. Willie,after I would sing to them ,I could here them touching themselves.Eventually,I got to them so good that they would come to my house and finish what I started.I am not the one to toot my own horn,but I was told that I w as very vocally seductive.Still am! I hope to get the pleasure out of vocally seducing you one day.So whenever the time is right ,look for the five two ,fourty year old with back length real natural hair,pretty in the face and small in the waist. I’m thick in the right places. I strongly believe in keeping my body in shape.I promise you that you will like what you see and what you here.I’m saying goodnight for now Sweet dreams baby.Dream about the mystery woman which is me.

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