Woman wants ‘420’ Tattoo Removed and Sets Up a GoFundMe Campaign

And then there’s this.

When you thought you have seen it all, this is a perfect example of Young and Dumb.

Tabitha West created a GoFundMe campaign Jan. 20 to raise money for a tattoo removal.

The tattoo reads “420,” which is a common reference to marijuana.

A message on the GoFundMe page reads: “I am wanti,g $ to get that tattoo off my for head I want to have a better start out in life and have a second chance at life please help me I was young n dumb when I got that I’m older one looking for a job can’t get out and people call me a druggie every day of my life and being called 420 is not nice and I almost killed my self over it. … can’t stand to look at my face anymore. .save a life save me..invest in me and I will show you I can be better with my life. ..thank you.”

Tabitha West
Tabitha West

West set a goal of $800. As of Monday, more than $1,000 had already been raised.

Although West’s tactic may have worked, not everyone seems thrilled by her decision to seek donations.

“Its people like you that keep my (sick) girl from getting help,” Shawn Morse wrote on the page. “My daughter has three brain tumors, cerebral palsy, neurofibromatosis, an optic glioma, & a feeding tube. My daughters GoFundMe keeps getting passed over for things like this. There are too many people begging for money for their bad decisions in their life.”

Jair Morales was more pointed in his response.

“People who donated.. you are all (expletive) idiots,” he wrote.

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