A Lighter “Hue” Sista Uses a Long Forgotten Term in Public

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2 thoughts on “A Lighter “Hue” Sista Uses a Long Forgotten Term in Public

  • December 1, 2017 at 3:14 am

    Hey baby!! How are you doing tonight?I hope all is well with you. I’m glad to see that your beautiful hands are healing.You’re looking fine as usual.I’m doing alright .I worked out this morning at 8:38am till 10:30am.I did some low impact cardio on my elliptical.I would have gone till 11:00am,but I had to stop and wash my hair.I have a lot of hair to deal with.So you can only imagine what I have to go through on wash day,my hair being half way down my back,and it is in its natural state!!!!Whenever I can send you the picture,you will know exactly what I’m talking about.People would ask me ”girl,where you get all that hair from?” Then I would say ”uh, genetics?”Hilarious!!! Anyways,today was a good day.I thought about you all day long.Then one of my wild and wet fantasies of you took over.I would like to share one of them with you,if I may.I fantasied that you came to spend the weekend with me.It was in the summertime.The weather was really nice.Not too hot,not too humid.The temperature was just right.88 degrees.You knocked on my door,we greeted each other.We embraced ,and we sat down on my couch.We talked a bit,and then we headed for the door.It was about five o’clock in the evening.We were on our way to a get together on St.Helena Island.I had on a white sun dress.You know the kind of sundress that when the wind blows,eye candy is present!! You had on some blue jeans and a white silk shirt.You were looking fly.Fine! Fine! Fine!Your dreadlocks were on fleet.My hair was blown out,hanging down my back.We arrived at the place,and everybody just stopped and stared at us.We were looking to good for these people! Some people were sitting down,and some were dancing.Alot of old school songs were being played. A couple of Joe Tex’s songs were being played.We danced to them. We got down.We had a really good time dancing.Then the dj shook things up a bit.He played a song called the Chicago shake down.There was a lot of foot work when we were dancing to that particular song.We could have been in a dance competition.We were that good!We had those folks mesmerized!After all of that dancing,we worked up an appetite.Seafood was being served.A big lowcountry seafood boil was being served .It had lobster ,crab,shrimp,potatoes.sausage,corn,etc.Fried conk was being served too.We ate until our heart’s content.Then the dj played a song by the whispers ”Is it good to you?”We got up and we slowed danced.We looked into each other’s eyes and we read each other’s minds.It’s time to put those words in the song into action. So we left the party and we went back to my place.I held your hand as I led the way upstairs to my bedroom.I put on some Janet Jackson.The name of the song was”someday is tonight.”We sat on my bed.I whispered some nasty,and erotic things in your ear.As soon as I uttered them,you layed me down,and you started kissing me.I kissed you back.Then I rolled over on top of you.I could your hard on between my thighs.I got up and I took my dress off.You undressed as well.then we embraced,imtertwined,and I felt each and every one of your rhythmic thrust.I screamed your name,over and over again.We made love that night until the sun came up.What a night!! What a fantasy!!This has been a long one,so I am going to close this out by saying goodnight,sweet dreams my dreamlover,my big daddy, my midnight love.I love you Hugs and kisses.Love Kaamilya

  • December 7, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    fantasies do come true.

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