Lil Slim Thick Gets Slammed by a Big Thick with a Low Boy

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One thought on “Lil Slim Thick Gets Slammed by a Big Thick with a Low Boy

  • January 30, 2018 at 11:54 am

    Hey baby .How are you?I hope that all is well with you.I’m doing ok.I’m meeting with some contractors soon so they can get the ball moving on repairing the damages to my house.I can’t wait to get back into m home.The estimated time is six months.I’m hoping for the best.Last week,I got a nice compliment from an older gentlemen.He told me that I should be modeling. I said,I may eat like a model, but sure don’t feel like one right now.I thanked him for the compliment and went on about my day.I know in time,things will be back to normal.I’m seriously thinking about moving to Florida.I don’t know for sure ,but I’m thinking about it.Well I gotta go for now.I love you and I always will.This lady will always have your back.Take care of yourself sweetie.I love you my sweetness,my big daddy Willie.Can I call you big daddy Willie?Hugs and kisses.Love Kaamilya.

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