When You Leave That Thang “Pissy” By Mistake On Purpose

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4 thoughts on “When You Leave That Thang “Pissy” By Mistake On Purpose

  • November 29, 2017 at 3:38 am

    Hello there my sweetness.How are you feeling tonight? I sure hope that you are feeling better than you did the day before.I want to be there with you right now giving you all of theTLC that you need and then some.I wish that I could take your pain away.I know in time,you will be fine.I made some delicious ,homemade soup today.I made it with you in mind.The temperature dropped kind of low,and it was mostly cloudy here in Johns Island S.C.I was sitting here eating my soup by the fire place with my thoughts of you. I sure hope you are reading my replies.They come from the heart.I wish that I was in your presence talking to you right now.But as of now,I get to watch you on my computer screen,and talk to you in my dreams.Oh,and reach out to you by using telepathy. You are always on my mind.I think about you all of the time.But I know one thing for sure.All of my wild and wet fantasies will turn into a wild and wet reality with you.I yearn for the day when I can finally feel your warm body next to mine.I touch you and you touch me.I caress you and you caress me.I hold you and you hold me.I will feel your heart beating next to mine.I will kiss you and you kiss me.I will enjoy every bit of you as you will enjoy every bit of me.You will explore the taste of me,and I will explore the taste of you.You take me as I take you.I feel the sweetness of you as you caress your face in my valley!!! As I am typing all of this,I am getting wet this very moment.I am calling your name quietly,and moaning softly.Ahhhhhhh!!! I can’t wait!!! I want you so bad .I can taste it.If I were in your presence right now,I would say,”take me my beautiful lover, and ravish me!!!” Take me!! Take me!! Take me Willie!! Wow!! I got my own self hot with this hot confession.Whoa! Gotta go.Oh baby,baby,baby!There is much that I could do,if you would give me a chance to.I can sing the hell out of Janet Jackson’s song,”The body that loves you”.I hope and pray that I will have the pleasure of seranating you with that particular song one day. Our day will come.I know it!! Well,i gotta say goodnight my dreamlover.I love you baby.Kisses and hugs.

  • November 30, 2017 at 4:23 am

    Hey love.How are you feeling tonight? I hope all is well with you.I was looking for some new videos,but I understand.You need to heal.Take care of yourself.That is all I want you to do.Listen,about last night,I tend to get too carried away,but again,I was speaking the truth.I was typing what was in the depths of my soul.Sometimes I am a little shy when it comes down to expressing how I feel.You are helping me out with that. You are breaking me out of my shy shell.All thanks to you.Ever since I started watching you,my poetic side has come alive again.You make me come alive again.Raw emotion is felt when I sing.You bring out the best in me.It’s the truth!!!Did I ever tell you that I took up professional ballet,lyrical,and jazz for 14 years?Yes,I am a dancer too.I gotta a lot of moves that I would love to show you.I’m flexible.I can still do the splits,high kicks,pk turns ,etc.Did you ever play sports? If you did,what sports did you play?I hope and I pray that we can sit down and talk about our dreams and ambitions.I have a love ambition.I want to talk it out and act it out with you when the time is right.Do you remember hearing a song from Madonna called”Justify my love”?I remember a particular saying or quote that I distinctively heard in the song.”Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another”.That is so true!! If I had to live like that,I would be a miserable and bitter person.Here is my short written version of the chorus part of the song.Craving,thinking,dreaming,for you to justify my love.Longing,and waiting for you to justify my love.Kissing and embracing when you justify my love!! I ‘m open,and ready to receive you,when you justify my love.Moaning,in ectasy when you justify my love.Screaming your name when you justify my love.Well there I go again getting carried away.You like that don’t you?I can hardly wait for you to go live again.I need your number so that I can send you my picture to your phone.No hurry darling.I know you got things to do,plus those beautiful hands need to heal.Y ou got some beautiful hands.I love your fingers.I bet you are really good with your hands too.I would love for hands to be all over my body! Getting carried away again.I can’t help it.You make me go into overdrive! Well,I am going to say goodnight my dreamlover,my sweet inspiration,my big daddy,my midnight love.I love you!! Take it easy.Next time you have some me time, think about what I said so far and let your imagination run wild!! Hugs and kisses.Love Kaamilya.

  • December 2, 2017 at 4:28 am

    Sylvia Robin is the inspiration behind the poem .Well I gotta say goodnight.I will be waiting my dramlover,my big daddy, my midnight love.hugs and kisses.Love Kaamilya

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